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BE 12.5 : Job status:Ready:no idle devices are available

Causes : Power cut, Driver Installation wasn’t followed properly

Resolution :

Method A

1. Reconfigure the device in Bsckup Exec:
2. From Backup Exec | Devices Right Click the device/library | Properties | Uncheck “Enable device for backup Exec” Right click and delete the device.
3. Power cycle the device and the server
4. From :\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT
5. Run tapeinst.exe
6. Install Veritas tape drivers 275676
7. Check the results.

Method B

If you are using an autoloader : Use the menu/command key on the front panel, and arrow keys to get to the administration area so you can change the scsi id, or change the SCSI ID.

1. change the scsi id for the robotic library to something other than 0, and the the actual drive to something else between 1-6…
2. remove the devices from symantec..including the standalone device…you’ll have to cancel pending jobs first….possibly even reboot the machine…
3.  remove the devices from windows device manager…
4.  refresh devices, windows will re-install it automagically…
5. re-run the device configuration wizard in symantec…choose “only install drivers for devices that don’t already have drivers installed”
6. verify all your jobs are still pointing to the “all devices“…or at least the specific device listed..as the number may change… for example…  “Certance2”
7. try it again…

Links :

Symantec Connect Forum Post

Experts-Exchange Link

  1. January 23, 2010 at 9:43 am

    01-22-2010 Solved my problem using BE 12.5 & Quantum Superloader 3 ( HP 1 – in use ) Offline.

    BE 12.5 : Job status: ” Ready;no idle devices are available ”

    What causes it? In my case I intrupted a tape cleaning operation which ran for more than 30 min. I choose cancel. 2.5 hours later it had not cancelled. I manually turnd off the tape drive as a way of “unlocking” it or removing the lock that BE put on the drive. I used an operation to move the cleaning tape from the Drive to Slot 16 where came from. From then on BE displayed the drive as in use (the last state it knew of) and had no ability to discover what the real and current state of the tape drive was which was online / ready / idle. I even rebooted the server but it was solidly stuck on “offline” then when I righ clicked and selected “online” it displayed “HP 1 in use”.

    Drive “HP 1 In-use” but the quantum tape unit is online, and idle. Trying to run a job such as inventory or lock / unlock results in a status of ”

    Solution: (following what was posted on this site, along with my own notes)
    Click the Devices tab, right click on the tape drive Icon called: “HP 1 In-use” and choose delete. then click tools, Wizards, Device Configuration Wizard, Next, Next, check “Install Tape Drivers”, symantec displays a message that the latest drivers are on the web site. You don’t need to download them as the latest drivers are included in the various “Hotfixes”.

    NOTE: Quantum recommends you use the drivers provided by the Backup “Hosting” software in this case Symantec Backup Exec.

    Now stop all BE services: Tools, “Backup Exec Services” click “Stop all services”
    You *MUST* reboot the server.
    Now the Drive “HP 1” reappears and is no longer “offline” or “in use”.
    You are ready to resume normal operations.

    A Million Thansk!!,

    I couldn’t have solved it without this site! I looked everywhere. At the very moment my tape drive is busy doing a weekly full backup!

    Mrbios, aka PaulC
    San Diego, CA

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